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The timing was awful - lots of upheavals and really not the time to try to realise a pipe dream. the back of Sacha's cake baking and her Vintage Tea Party pop-up events that she ran across the country, we decided against the odds to take the next (big) step of finding a permanent location.


“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.”
– Lovelle Drachman

But we survived - with the support of a great team of people and, one year later, an opportunity came up for Sacha to return to a place that she knew well having worked as a cook in it's kitchens. Black Goo @ Home & Colonial opened for business in February 2017 in the beautiful attic at the top of the antique and furnishings emporium.

A vacant shop located a few hundred yards from our home offered the opportunity, and Black Goo opened it's doors on the Easter weekend of 2016. It's fair to say that this was a baptism of fire. Long days followed by longer nights (baking, VAT returns, interviews....), tears, missed school pick-ups, learning how to fix a macerator, more tears......

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Our vision for Black Goo has always been to provide the type of café that we love going to, drawing inspiration from many amazing places we've visited (well, as Sach likes to point out, a lot of places I've visited... :-). From the barrios of Buenos Aires, the back streets of Botafogo, the low-key stylish bars of Antwerp, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Stockholm, the North West pacific cities where there seems to be more coffee shops and coffee roasters than people.... and of course, the amazing London coffee scene. We hope we've captured some of these essences - look carefully and you'll certainly be able to spot them amidst the eclectic furnishings.

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One feature that everyone notices in Black Goo is the music. We both have a shared love of music - although not necessarily same type of music.... We came across an old interview with Johnny Cash where he talked about one of his visits to prison where he performed a number of special performances for the inmates. 'Black Goo' was an expression used to describe the coffee they served and we knew straight away that this was the name for our café. Johnny's idea of paradise sounded pretty good too; 'this morning, with her, having coffee'... We hope we've created a bit of paradise for you at Black Goo.....

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